Munns {ogden}

I can’t stand the cuteness and hilarity these two bring.






Well, I have no big excuse(s) for my long absence from the internet. All I can say is life is crazy. Having a baby and learning to be a mom is out of control, but totally awesome. Life just gets busy and I get completely wrapped up in it and forget about so so many things. As I sit here in bed feeling my body start to crash in on itself I remembered that I hadn’t posted in months. So, I am finally here with a post, but only a post to say “oops, I forgot to post so many things..”

My kitty mews knows exactly how I am feeling…pooped.


Time to get back into the game of life and posting.

A little side work

Many of you know that I love, love, love animals. If I could I would pack up and move somewhere in the mountains and have a ranch with lots of animals…but until then I decided to pick up a little side work. I get to spend my Saturday mornings at the Canine Country Club, where I basically feed, clean and play with dogs. My dog, Zero, loves that I am doing this because he gets to come along with me each week and play with his best friend Bert (the dog who I work with at the hospital doing Animal Therapy for patients). My aunt owns the business and is one of the most amazing people I know. She dedicated 30+ years of her life to search and rescue work and now hospital therapy work, along with her dogs. She is amazing, so I am so happy to be working along with her at her kennel and enjoying the many benefits God’s creatures can bring us. Have a fabulous Wednesday and a happy Valentine’s tomorrow. Loves


That is my sweet pup, Zero, in all his glory (aka slobber and snot 🙂 )